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Written By http:// on 23/06/12 | 2:21 amWritten by: Roeslandy
"This is a story of my love in the virtual nature, even I have no intention even to love loving in nature maya.ini indeed strange thing I have ever experienced at that time. I was a man who already has a family, then my wife, pregnant with my seventh, my family is safe is safe course, and tedak riots have occurred in my family.
"On the day I suatau while sitting with my friends, my phond Hand Suddenly rang, I instantly see who called him, was no entry in the handphone terecap not me. I picked it up, it turns out the call I was a girl. I asked
"Hello .......! With whom I speak ......... ni! I asked then,Answering that too girl. Well hello I am also yusna girlfriend joel bang, bang aya n friend Andy.Oh ... yes. Bang joel had a story about you, you are working in Malaysia was right. "Ask Andy" Andy bang Yes, "answered Yusna again" What about your relationship right now .. already? Aja usual bang ...! Do you already know that it's bang joel had a wife .... dah? "Ask Andy again" Yes my dah taukok bang, but it's not unusual anymore, I used to bang and joel's all. "Answer Yusna time"
"Day after day went by, then I worked as a super person, I often went driving around car at Sumatra's Aceh. Yusna was already often frequent contact me, although I was on the way, when the girl yusna a bargain even for me, he said this girl is a friend of a boarding house in Malaysia.
"It was Yusna call me, now I love no hand phon bang.Namanya Aina Kea friends I bang, I've been asked to Aina. Abang said Aina would equal, if not call him brother. "As soon as the word Yusna"
"I've called Aina, talking about love. And Aina was willing to accept me as his lover, but I was not feeling well to talk the same talk I used the same Aina.Malah Yus, bg boyfriend joel. Almost every night I spoke with Yus through phond hand. I was chatting at yusna, Suddenly my phone rang, When I lift in the turns of hapnya. Then enter the text from the caller. He sms. nini you again affair as a working pellet dimalaisia ​​baseball .. Do you love the child wife mu.saat I tried to contact him, HPnya the lift but he was not just whistling saja.namun bicara.dia I continued to talk the same talk yus.karena Yus good,'Many hiburan.dia even frequently sang, his voice was hoarse rasp merdu.suaranya basah.dia often sing songs that brought him malem diwa.katanya malem Diwa's song.
"Every time I talk to yusna.sipenelpon misteriuspun miscol aku.kalau busy I do not want to talk him up. Day after day continue to do so, he's always bothered me about the conversation that aku.saat olahnya Because stress, because he's always bothered me aku.yang can not think, I go where the caller is, know exactly the position I
"I asked his name through sms. Deck .......! whoever you please talk to your Namu I. I want to know, and what your goals, continue to disturb me .....? "I am Tanya replied her sms" he said his name Asmiranda of Lamno, he worked in the office of ambassador to Singapore. "He said," I do not mean no menggu you, but I love you. You already have a child is still having an affair with Nini 7 pellets in Malaysia.
"Even when he ngamcam I lagi.kalau you in touch with the pellet nini, I do not hesitate to hesitate to send the deadly virus, however, the virus amstrack. That is a deadly virus.
"One day I went to takengoen driving a car. Suddenly entered Asmiranda sms, you again want ketakengon right ...? "I was stunned, how could she know I ketakengoen. While I was never the same person that I talked to takengoen.Aku I sms him back. I do not want you back again ISMS, because you do not want to talk with me. Replied his sms. I want to speak at you, there is Tai condition. "His reply"
"Ok .... what condition? I replied "Send me ten thousand dollars of new pulse NI will speak at you. Ok I accept the terms mu.asal you want to talk with me, but not now, because I'm still in perjanan, tomorrow morning I send. "I said again"
"Tomorrow I'll be in takengoen, I tasted a spoonful new breakfast, incoming sms, sms after I open it from Asmiranda. Where you ... promise. "ISMS is the" I will reply to ntar I eat breakfast first.
"You want to speak as I, now you send a pulse. "He replied," I did not bother her sms. I melanjutkn my breakfast, after me, I'm looking for a new place to sell a pulse, I bought ten thousand pulses, kikirim to the asmiranda.
"When I send a pulse, I sms him, I said I pulsanya already sent, now I wants you," she said "ok I'll call you.Ternyata what happens after I send a pulse ..............? Asmiranda even call me wife. What he told me his wife. Kak wrote sitting here selling, while the husband and sister having fun with another girl in takengoen .. I said to the brother, because I love big brother
"HEAR people say that, I was immediately wife calls me. Angry mad at me, he said I was tired of selling here while my brother ditakengon affair. Now I want to come to takengoen looking brother. "So the wife says I"
"I said," Who told you the same .....? There are nelpon I ........ You believe so people say ... "Ask me the wife I" Do not believe what people say is not clear sumbernya.mungkin people do not like to see us. "When I say"
"I'm the same feverish Sangking asmiranda, I miscol him, but he would not lift it. Then I sms him. Hey pig, do you people do not know myself, I send a pulse to your appointment you want to talk with you aku.malah wife calls me, you said kind of the same kind of wife I am, indeed you're not human, you dog ...! "In fact, he replied sms me" Serves you'll know the taste, parents have a beard on fire .... ha ha ... Even = Asmiranda ngeledek again I said so. So when I no longer want to serve sms him.
"I was no longer wanted to serve asmiranda sms, day to day with the family continues to go through me, almost every day I and my wife cecok. But I'm still putting up with all the obstacles I went through itu.Rintangan sake.
"Bigitulah story that I experienced five years ago, day after day I continue to experience. Inginku if I had not caught up with cyber love story, if there is a choice necessarily say I chose it.Essay By: RoeslandyWritten by: RoeslandyIn Apluod:
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