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"This is a connection (to the second part) my love story. Between two beings the same as married, about someone who left and are on leave,Yach, unusual stories that might be dictated by the words, Hemm ............Andy is a person people look simple and dignified, in the second part of this story, mengkisah pm meeting with Andy's the third time in two months

**************QU *** LOVE *** TRAVEL
"Day after day went by, after their meeting a month ago, when they went to a provincial town. their relationship continues
continued. whereas Andy had promised,

"If you forgive pm Andy, Andy will no longer encounter pm. It turns out what they plan it can not be realized. their relationship continues.

"Love is beautiful ...., But love is also no boundary. 19 years ago, these two human love is gone, but among them are also menyinpan the love of the past. Is this so-called first love .........? They are both having so many love, but why ..........! Should she and her always in mind. Already 19 years they split up, and already has another family, but among those still love each other too much in love. Is that true .......? If not for love why they mesih together

"At the date 07-06-2012 At around 9 pm local time suddenly contacted Andy, Andy invites pm Apparently the provincial towns, want to take the test because Wita graduate Andy s2 nya.Pukul 11.30 hrs depart from his hometown to katempat pm , the way Andy contacted pm ......

"Hallo pm ......" How do I pick its you.
if I pick you to home is not possible, "said Andy on Wita" Yes ... the house was. "The local time on Andy" is impossible ....... Yes! "Andy says" According to my brother how to .........! "Ask pm again"
"If baseball gini aja, you ride public transportation, Down in the town in the district. "Andy said in the pm"

"My desire was then to my brother. "The word Wita again" Andy The car continued to travel at a maximum, about 02.wib o'clock pm arrived to where Andy was waiting at the end of the road

Arrived at the car Andy was immediately berhenti.Wita Andy climbed into the car. The car was berlaju the speed of 30/km and 20/km per jam.Terik sun reflecting through the windshield is not felt by them. Its so beautiful on their way

Its so cool they walk alone in the car. the story got a story between Andy and local time, they both seemed to be two beings who are married
"I do not know what happened between them, what they are already established in love, like 19 years ago they went through. Or just longing for release, Are they not aware that they are both up already menikah.dan not aware that they had betrayed their wives or husbands ...............?

"From the time they depart 02.wib pm from the residence, but at about ketujuan.sesampai 10.wib until his new to the city of their province, they immediately find a place Andy continues to spin looking for a hotel, the inn was a lot that is full . end to his lodging in a hotel room.
"Andy brings down a marriage certificate with his wife nya.dia designate the cashier of the inn. Andy and went into kamar.dan pm they both slept in the room may
the.because Andy tired, he slept soundly without any incidence of anything that night.

"Around 5 o'clock the morning, local time Andy called" Bang ........ Bang ..... wake up .....! already dawn, praying first bang "Wita call Andy" until a couple of times to call Andy wita not get up. Wita finally threw a pillow at Andy's body. Until Andy surprised
Andy got up and pray at the inn tersebut.Matahari came out from the eastern horizon at around 07.30 pm local time Andy drove to the place where s2 pm take a test.
"It's beautiful love, but love does not know who's loved her from the eyes of love coming down to the heart. it appropriate they love each other, while they were married to other people. This is called cheating.

"At about 2:30 pm local time is finished take a test, I picked her up Andy was on campus, that day they were both looking for new accommodation in place
the.they found lodging in the middle of town. Andy was out of the car directly to the checkout inn, to ask for a room.

"Bu there is room .......................? "Asked the officer Andy inn" There is ...! "How many people .........? "Asked the cashier" Two people, I'm with family. "Andy replied" There is a marriage certificate ..... take it? "Ask the cashier again" Then Andy opened the bag at the waist to take the book of marriage, pointing it at the cashier lodging. after the marriage was recorded till the book is returned to Andy.Then Andy picked pm at the entrance to the room directly penginapan.Malam car arrived, the moment the most wonderful moment for them both, just the two of them in the room
"That night was the tendency of cold air-conditioning, chilled to the bone marrow at 1:30 pm mereka.Antara suddenly in the middle of a quiet evening, local time without consciously placed his right hand on top of Andy's hand. Thus have a direct surprised Andy Andy tense. Dim the lights dim

because Andy slept with tights, so that Andy could not have more that weakened.instead not accidentally pm Andy was up a tiny body.

"Fingering pm throughout the body, kissing up to the decisive point, up to bite on thigh gundulan pm, still wearing pants. until it was gundulan them both unconscious. What they have done. It is the greatest sin, if they have intercourse.

"Andy was the end of his opening his trousers, so that the tension had melembek.setelah Andy Andy was out of the room inn tersebut.rencana Andy to sleep in the car, but Andy could not sleep well, and Andy to take a drink stall near
lodging.after Andy also go back to the lodge,

But do not go into another room, he was afraid would happen in terms of things that do not want. he just slept on the couch till the pension until 05 at 5 pm Andy pagi.pukul was banging on the door of the inn. then it opens pm. Pm the same bed lagi.malah Andy Andy says. do not sleep anymore, because when it was dawn prayer.
"While it may be said they have affairs, but the prayer time, they continue to pray For the two of them never leaving the prayer. Was this so-called love of the past. The first true love can not be forgotten. Berdosakah ........ they are having an affair? Only you know better.

"Maybe I'll just tell you what was in their nature. This story is a true story. Existing name in this short story is a mere pseudonym. If your name or event with you, I'm sorry.
Sweet greetings for the reader, if there is a shortage and a lack of words the author pleases readers. We're sorry. We also may criticize you Ask for advise. Advice and support are we expected. Criticism and suggestions you may send the following
***************Authorship: ROESLANDYEDITING: ROESLANDY
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