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Friday, July 20, 2012 9:52 pm
Officer Observation Centre Hilal Lhoknga, Aceh Besar observe the new moon on Thursday (19/7) afternoon. At 18:56 pm, the moon is not visible because it is still above the horizon.

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BANDA ACEH - The Government of Indonesia, through the Ministry of Religious Affairs, decided that the month of Ramadhan 1433 H falls on Saturday, July 21, 2012. This decision is based on the fact that the moon or new moon, has not been seen in various areas, including in Aceh.
"Hilal could not be seen, therefore, first of Ramadan 1433 AH falls on Saturday, July 21, 2012," said Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali at confirmation hearing at the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag), Jakarta, Thursday (19/7) evening.
Initial determination decisions of the Minister of Religion Ramadan was taken after hearing the various responses of a number of Islamic organizations, such as the Board of NU, Al-Irsyad Association, the Association of Muslim Scholars Indonesia, the Islamic Defenders Front, and other Islamic organizations.
Muhammadiyah representatives did not attend the confirmation hearing, because the organization has decided that Islam Ramadhan 1433 H 1 falls on Friday (20/7), today.
Chairman Central Board of Muhammadiyah, said Prof Din Syamsuddin, Muhammadiyah has set a fast early on Friday, July 20, 2012, and applicable simultaneously throughout Indonesia.
According to him, based on the approach of Muhammadiyah on Thursday morning around 11:00 am ijtimak has occurred, the sun, moon, and earth, are in a straight line called a conjunction. Conjunction has been agreed upon by almost all the astronomical almanac. Muhammadiyah believe it as a sign that the month of Sha'ban will soon be over. (See, no interference in)
Unless Muhammadiyah, confirmation hearings in Kemenag RI representatives attended last night the House of Representatives Commission VIII and representatives of several government agencies, such as the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG), the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan), Coordinating Agency for Surveys and Mapping ( Bakorsurtanal), and the Observatory Boscha Bandung Institute of Technology.
In that trial, there were also representatives of friendly countries, like Palestine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Turkey, Malaysia, Sudan, and Brunei Darussalam.
Director of Islamic Affairs and the Ministry of Islamic Guidance Religion Religious Affairs Ministry, Ahmad Jauhari, in confirmation hearings, said Kemenag representation in 38 regional states, this Thursday (19/7) did not see the new moon (the first young crescent moon can be seen after the conjunctions) .
Parties to the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) are present in the confirmation hearings said it will start fasting on Friday (20/7) today. "Our team is in Cakung falakiyah already seen the new moon at 17:53 pm. Vision four minutes long. Position the top left of the sun, tilted on the left. Therefore, FPI started fasting on Fridays, but we still appreciate the difference, "said one team member falakiyah DPP FPI, Muchsin Alatas.
In addition, the FPI also asked the government to convey the methods used in determining the start of Ramadan in the open. "We suggest that delivering Kemenag openly that the methods used to determine the start of Ramadan is empirical. Difference method is actually the root of the problem, "said Muchsin.
From Banda Aceh, the Agency for Aceh Province Rukyah reckoning and that monitoring at the Centre for Observation of Hilal Lhoknga, Aceh Besar, on Thursday (19/7) afternoon also said not to see the new moon.
Although the inclusion of Ramadan is different, but most likely Muslims in Indonesia will be uniform in celebrating Eid Fitri this year. Some experts predict, 1 Shawwal 1433 H is likely to be uniform, which falls on August 19, 2012. This is because at the time of sunset on August 17 in all regions of Indonesia moon is still below the horizon or not being, so it is not in a critical position.
"With any Rukyat hilal can be no testimony. That is, August 18 is the last day of Ramadan. While at sunset August 18, the moon is high enough to be dirukyat. Thus, the mass organizations are no longer different opinions about this, "said astronomer from the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan), Prof. Dr. Thomas Djamaluddin. (Nal /
The light is too weak
Experts Astronomical Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan), Prof. Dr. Thomas Djamaluddin said the new moon when the sun goes down on Thursday (19/7) yesterday, was too low, so it will not be visible.
He said, the moon is above the horizon, but the height of the new moon is less than 2 degrees. This condition is an opportunity for difference. "Hilal is less than 1.5 degree. Too low to be observed. The light was too weak, "said Deputy Science, Assessment, and Aerospace Information Lapan in Jakarta, Thursday (19/7).
Although the inclusion of Ramadan is different, but Thomas said that the beginning of Shawwal 1433 H (Eid 2012) is likely to be uniformly celebrated, which falls on August 19, 2012. This is because, at the time of sunset on August 17 in all regions of Indonesia that the moon is still below the horizon or not being, so it is not in a critical position.
"With any Rukyat hilal can be no testimony. That is, August 18 is the last day of Ramadan. While at sunset August 18, the moon is high enough to be dirukyat, "he concluded. (
No interference in
CHAIRMAN Muhammadiyah General Chairman, Prof. Din Syamsuddin, said the reason for not attending the hearing confirmation Muhammadiyah in Kemenag RI, because of differences in beliefs between Muhammadiyah and the government, in this case the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
"Muhammadiyah feel no need to attend a meeting confirmation, for the reason that this belief should not be intervened by the government. For the years to come, Muhammadiyah also should not intervene and declare the hearing did not take it (confirmation), "said Din Syamsuddin, in Jakarta, Thursday (19/7).
Din rate, confirmation hearings are held only government-nonsense, because the government does not accommodate the aspirations of existing religious organizations. Government in confirmation hearings only decisions unilaterally. Therefore, there is no point Muhammadiyah it comes to the confirmation hearing.
Din appealed to all parties to appreciate the Muhammadiyah who has the authority to determine the decision no longer attend the confirmation hearing. "That's the attitude of Muhammadiyah, please be appreciated by other organizations and governments," he said.
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