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Ballad of Love, the love story of two beings who can not reach.This is a story about someone who left and who left behind when love goes bersemai neat, should be crashing due to a different status.
Two love without berkalang stain, between two human teenagers together. Ironically, among them must be separated, "my choice fell upon me do not deserve to choose"
so graceful sense of the heart when the story built up together, but have run aground in the middle of the road.
Yach,,, a story that might be unusual in expressing in words, but it's a fact and reality of the lives of human beings, Hemmm,,,,,
Roes (akrap addressed). Former teen, still life and a new life among the first diarynya book. no doubt, in one week, five minutes of time left, took time to observe the ancient writings, to myself and say "how many years lagikah, tilisan it will survive intact".
Roes, handsome man, born in North Aceh, track live alone diperantauan Biireuen District. Roes's where studying at a school memories, junior high schools in local districts. Now in the age of mendewasa, in the moonlight that memercah glass windows of his house now, while looking at the beauty of the stars behind the bedroom window, for some reason he suddenly recalled memories of the past, 12 years ago, that still leaves a very regrettable liver injury .

Behind it is memory that comes, comes, figurative name used. Icut (greeting spoiled lips Roes). Twelve years apart, do not reap tersengaja encounter at a party in the district. Bireuen. For a moment, among them transfixed, as if they were frozen souls, more and ultimately never met face to face by mistake will come back, ta lot of levels within a very short time, just shake hands and exchange of Hp numbers only. This discourse. . .

Author: "Roeslandy"
19 years ago ........

Early June 2012 was nearly a month had passed they were always together even though it's all they do is through HP. Within one month only two times they met in person. what awaited them hope they can get kembali.bukan means they have to get his love, but merely an apology from her former lover.
Selama12 year already, they parted never met each lain.Namun one day they meet in a place the party in the district of Bireuen. There even though they met only briefly but became a very memorable second indah.Berhubung they have been separated long enough.
Both already have a pair sah.Namun what was about to say when meeting as time goes by quickly, had they both exchanged handphone no
A week later, after their meeting place and Roes icut party was in touch with each other via hand phon, they are asking their state
One day icut Roes contact via cellular handphone, Roes invited to accompany him to register kuliyah s2 icut to Banda Aceh. But gladly accepted the invitation icut Roes. Well that same night at about 8 pm, departing from his town to the Roes icut.Tibanya place at 9 Wib.Lalu kegandapura Roes Roes Roes SMS icut that had reached dikotanya.
Icut direct order calling Roes wait 5 menit.Setelah 5 minutes of waiting, calling back to pick him icut dirumah.Roes between fear and doubt. afraid to be known by her husband. With nekatpun Roes go home icut.menjemput kepekarangan also home to the hall icut sempit.Sesampainya icut Roes house or yard, waiting Icut yard of his house. and went up kemobil Roes.

They went to Banda Aceh from at 9.30 pm with the car running slowly lahan.Dengan Roes beautiful atmosphere of the night. Confide in each other the way they talked about their families. express the content of the liver, respectively. Occasional mention of their past.

Cut ......... still remember 19 years ago when I came to say that I want kerumahmu merid. What was your answer .......? ".. Ask Roes on icut"
I already bang remember baseball. "Replied icut ..":
Maybe there's something in your response that night ..... "Roes said with a frown face"

Roes Icut told ... "we've's earlier promise, if we go kebanda aceh we will not discuss the story of our love, our past, For fear of drifting icut story of her past love with Roes" icut said with a frown face icut.
But it mentions masalalu Roes them, so the question should icut Roes Roes give to their own responsibilities

icut taukah what your answer ..... It was .......? if you want merid brother told me why.

Icut know? peraaan how I was ..? with a heart cry and I'm disappointed in my heart actually pulang.walau no intention to merid.Cuma I come find you just to make sure what you still love your answer aku.seandainya time, why brother rush rush and you still love me .. I'm still waiting, but apparently not anymore. "Said Roes on icut".

iCut ......! taukah cut why I want to accompany you to the Banda Aceh tonight. "Roes asked the same icut"
Do not know ... icut answer with a smiling face

Cut ..... Actually I come from far away, to accompany you to Banda Aceh to nothing but I want to apologize to you for my mistakes in the past, and no foul intentions for you, you sekali.apakah believes in the same me ...? Roes said he mengebudi car.

Icutpun replied with a happy heart ... "I believe it really, if I do not trust you I'm not going to go with you tonight ...!!
Icut ........! Do you know how disappointed I was when itu.dengan answer that I thought would never come out of a very Mulud I cintai.begitu long I waited, but eventually I had to be disappointed.

not to mention the insults of the mouth of your parents to me. taukah would you ........? of the most painful to me are your parents, insulted with hurtful words hatiku.orang padaku.apa your parents tell you wonderful, place to live aja sale palm Poor orang.tidak got home again.

Udahlah ...... Bang! baseball have mentioned about the past anymore kita.karena past that we've been building our tanam.palagi our respective households. "The word icut at the Roes' after that icutpun diam.tapi Roes even ignored an invitation to continue pembicaraannya.tampa icut

So then I was embarrassed and disappointed leaving my education and kekampung home page, where I was born first place, the town of Panton labu.saking heart pain and disappointment filled with insults which might not accept.

When I got my yard kampong, I was forced to enchant you, your body mempagari kamu.biar spell on people who will come asking you to marry no one mau.memang I know that all's not your fault but the parents mu.tapi forced me to do even though your parents are wrong but permanent impact only you

But my brother had one do that to me. because it was not my fault but I tuaku.kenapa person who receives all of the bang. "" Asked icut the Roes'
taukah brother ..... ? "Icut continued his talk" due to the same behavior icut brother. after we broke up and my brother had already established nikah.Aku love with a man so I love his face almost cintai.yang Similar With Abang.kami promised marriage but ultimately was forced to cancel without cause and fault.
other than that many who come to woo me but none so. Taukah brother were all brothers-induced. "Roes said icut on with a frown"

Yes yes I know, it was wrong, so tonight I present in front of you and accompany you to account for all my actions to you first. and everything I do I akui.Aku here tonight is just to apologize to you, after tonight you receive a request we are never alone maafku.anggap ketemu.dan maybe after this we will not meet lagi.Maukah you forgive the mistakes of the past that has made you suffer. "Roes said in a note requesting icut"

Wait a bang ...... this night a thousand times though brother to apologize to icut, not yet forgiven abang.ada icut when it's time I will forgive my brother ..... "" icut said in a tone of annoyance "

Ok ...... so many men that you love him after we pisah.siapakah that linger in your heart until now ...? "Roes said on icut" instead icut answer
there used to be a man who is similar to the brother whom I love, even now I still mengingatnya.setelah I wrote in my mind still kawinpun

Icut ...... you need to know! I'd always come home and monitor your mu.tapi it never padaku.Pria you talking about where you love. Just as you told me there was'' a man who wants to marry you, but not sanctioned person tuanya.yaitu husband present; when it did I tell you, if he was your choice I will help "" that man is yours ,. although the elderly man, did not agree "" "" Roes said on icut "

However, Brother remains one 'because I love not to be married denganku.kata icut with a tone of anger

Brothers need to know 'who is now my husband is actually not the person I cintai.saat he just called friends biasa.sesama pedagang.tapi courtship although I still receive the blessing of mertuaku.taukah tampa brother ........? To this I and my husband already had three children's favorite, but the law has not been as well received as I was not sad bang menantunya.Apa ......................... ......?

Yes ...... but love my husband does not fade on you ......... "" Tanya Roes on icut, "

Yes no bang, we were always cool and calm in the family ...... In fact, I want to continue studying the direction of my husband as well; responsible icut

But the man that you said to me do you? "Said Roes on icut"

Yes ..... bang! it is now my husband that I said to the brother dulu.tapi people who I love very not so married denganku.itu how bang? icut asked the Roes

Yes, but your husband is now very kind to love you and you cut it!

Yes, but just wrote, my brother still has a spell on me one .......... right?

Yes I know, I was wrong It's why I'm here tonight with you to recognize all the actions of the past, but you should also understand the feelings I
A year later .................................... what happened ...?


A year after I see you even with tears and hearts of had, had I merid with people who never knew like I knew you before.

Three (3) months after my marriage I come see you again in the city of Bireun moment you sit still in class 3 MAN.aku jumpaimu and invite you to the city ku.dalam perjelanan I tell the truth I just got married

In my journey to kekota Panton pumpkin, our story is a love story that was not as seamless as we inginkan.Berhubung we are not sanctioned by the tuamu.apa want to say we have had to part with the way I should be married to our current lain.walau it's still love each other love.

Once you place me, I happened to his wife came home one tuanya.sehingga you and I slept with his wife's bed and I sleep with a place between you and me is not what had happened, that we would never do, but we are only small memories did that night.
but when asked what icut Roes still remember it all. "" you answer remains the same, "
do not remember what the bang
Day-Day are used to cheer my gloomy now I can only pause in silence while driving mobil.memikirkan what happened between you and me tonight, as though I can not believe with all of this, sometimes I think maybe this is just a dream rather than reality . But after I awoke from his reverie was not all a dream, now you have been happy with another love.

Morning sun begins to rise diufuk east tampa was already up ketejuan full day of banda aceh.satu Roes and icut busy with UNIMA difakultas registration Banda Aceh. To continue taking college icut s2.

In the evening they come home again together and keep talking about susana mereka.apalagi indah.mobilpun night was casually walking at night itu.seakan will two lovebirds are making kasih.tampa feels .. day by day they are busy with work, respectively, but remained they relate to the phone.

Once a week they returned from Banda Aceh
Icut roes.kata Icut contact the Roes, icut want to buy a laptop and have ordered it in Banda Aceh on his nephew.

Roes then offered his services to buy a laptop icut dimedan.karena Roes often kemedan.icutpun icutpun tersebut.dan accept the Roes to love money to buy a laptop icut.

Roes Kebutulan kemedan that night she bought a laptop buy laptop icut.setelah Roes
then transfer to lhlokseumawe.pada icutpun Roes car and road detour towards the land the way they encounter landing.pada Roes also still wonder to this day have not forgive his mistakes icut on icut.

Cut .........'' This is the second time I see you if you do not have the heart to forgive my mistakes. "Roes said on icut

Bang is not the time now I definitely forgive abang.yang someday I would forgive all the mistakes my brother, but not now and there is a prerequisite. "" Came the reply icut at Roes

What are the conditions .......? "Roes said at the icut"
Requirement is not now know I love my brother, but at other times meeting icut you know. "" So said the Roes icut

Cut ......! Why now do not you give me your forgiveness, I'll pull out of your life sekarang.karena we know, may not always hide our meeting on suamimu.walau between us was never going to be ashamed of it. "" Roes said on icut.
"Icut was still argue on the grounds there when the time comes"

Roes but instead ask "smile" whether I should make a greater sin to you? New icut Roes not forgive mistakes during ini.icut just smiled as he threw the word

OK, even if it maumu.tapi icut'll have to forgive me. Although we would not need my help meet lagi.kalau still I want to help you, whatever you need.

Icut argued even then that need help should ask why there are still people who jauh.kan close to me. '"Said an annoyed tone icut."
after turning the land landing path, I will take him where I jemput.setelah icut icut me, take me punpulang

The next day on the date 29 June 2012 icut calls asking how to play Roes Roes bought a laptop that they are chatting via tersebut.lama hp.tiba Roes came to hear the sound man at home, her husband was home, but icut ignored all that, icut still continue talks on a laptop in front of her husband with heart roes.sehingga Roes felt was her husband was with her presence amid them via telephone pembicaraa tersebut.sehingga Roes icut disconnecting phone with the moment.

On that night around 9 pm icut contacted again via telephone gemggamnya Roes, and ask about how to use the new waifi dibelinya.lalu Roes explains how to use each one tersebut.sesekali waifi Roes also touched on why the request forgiveness on that night last icut.entah icut said.

All the brothers did to icut had already kumaafkan.karena all that happens is not absolute error abang.tapi icut parents fault also. Brother had to forgive all the mistakes parents icut, "" but in any event no brother repeating the same conduct. "" So said the Roes icut.

Yes, from the first I've forgiven them, and there is no blame on your parents what's what your parents have ku.karena I took as my parents juga.jadi starting tonight we are no longer among us prosper together dosa.semoga pedamping kita.membina family life We each remain intact forever Amen .................... and I also apologize for our meeting there are words that may offend perasaanmu.dan I say thanks to God which has brought us back when ll after this we will split kembali.mungkin one time, also we meet again


This is a true story that I actually experienced
Prepared by: ROESLANDy
Editing: Roeslandy
Producser: Roeslandy
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